Richmond, VA Local Delivery

Guernsey offers local delivery for office supplies, office furniture, cleaning & janitorial supplies and much more to business and government offices in the Richmond, VA area.




Contact Our Richmond, VA Office

5715 S. Laburnum Ave.

Richmond, VA 23231

Tel: 804.222.1281

Fax: 804.222.0448

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Here’s what our Richmond, VA area customers are saying!

"Laurie Keninitz is the BEST. She is Customer Service and offers her assistance when needed. She knows the business and can make favorable suggestions on the products offered. She is professional, helpful, and goes the extra step to find our answers. Reggie Colbert, our deliveryman, is a gentleman in every aspect of the word. He is so helpful and knows exactly where to place the items we have ordered. He is quiet, careful of our space, and is in and out of the offices very quickly. Thank you for these two individuals whom we have come to know quite well and can now call them our “friends.”


"The staff at Guernsey are very helpful and extremely nice all the time (Mike Betts)."


"Love our driver, Ron Wallace, great person as well!"