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Protecting and Gearing Your Workplace for Every Situation

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Plan, prepare and respond. We strive to provide you with the most urgently needed supplies in order to keep things running smoothly. We offer personal protective equipment (PPE) that is both comfortable and effective to make sure your employees feel good.



Due to the global pandemic, the supply chain has been greatly strained. Sourcing these items is not easy, however we guarantee to quickly supply the end-user as items become available.

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Protect Yourself

Gloves, masks, goggles and hand sanitizer — you name it. To follow guidelines, ensure your workplace is equipped to slow and stop the spread of illnesses and injuries.


Clean and Disinfect

The CDC recommends that any frequently touched surfaces in the workplace to be cleaned, wiped, and disinfected daily.




The Different Types of Masks


General Use 3 Ply

Provides a general physical barrier between the user and environment
Fits securely on wearer's face in order to protect other people and reduce the spread of droplets. Not recommended in areas of high exposure to liquid, bodily and hazardous fluids are expected.


Medical Grade 3 Ply

FDA approved masks for front line workers
Protection from harmful viruses and pathogens when dealing with clients in need of care. Disposable and should be thrown away after use.



Specifically made for healthcare workers
Those who are working in areas with high-levels of dust/mold or medical environment. Protection from 95% of airborne particles if worn correctly. Impossible to get for general public for the time being.

Safety gear is key in every workplace. Plan out and take into account how much supply is needed and when. Then, be prepared to train your employees on how to correctly use the equipment at hand. Also, how to properly care of the items after use and dispose if needed. Don't sweat it, our workplace experts will be your guide to fostering a safe environment of work.



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