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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Pi Day at Work

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How to Celebrate Pi Day at Work

It turns out, Pi Day isn’t about delicious, fluffy pastry crust filled with tasty filling that goes great alongside your office coffee. It’s about the number Pi, which starts with 3.14, and is celebrated on March 14, 03.14, every year. At Guernsey, we love a good pun as much as anyone, so you’re going to hear a lot of food references here, and we think that’s just fine.


1. Give your staff 3.14 extra hours of PTO.

I’m sure my boss will love reading this suggestion from me. Perhaps it’s not 3.14 hours, perhaps it’s just .314 hours. Suffice it to say, this is a fun way to celebrate and if you have a particularly overworked staff this time of year (CPAs, anyone?) this would be a great way to reward them with a funny, memorable twist.


2. Hold a contest for who can recite most of pi.

Again, this isn’t the number of types of pies people can name. (If it were, I would definitely win, and not just because I’m competitive.) If your company operates in a STEM field in particular, this contest will go over better than the time you brought in a mini pony for the holiday party. Reward the winner with a pie (a real pie), and any company will be all over it. Or you could give them 3.14 hours of extra PTO. (Ahem, boss?)


3. Do a Pi walk or run at lunch.

Get healthy! I’ve talked a lot about pie as a dessert, but spring is near, the weather’s (hopefully) getting nicer, and now’s the time to give those resolutions you gave up on January 2 another shot. An even easier option than setting a separate walk or run at lunch is to set a step goal for the day. 3.14 mi is 6632 steps, a healthy goal particularly for those of us in sedentary desk jobs. Award everyone who hits the goal that day with a prize. Something like a pi, a mini pie, or 3.14 hours of… well, you know.


4. Pizza Pi Party

Get it?! This food pun can go beyond just desserts. I know, we’re incredibly punny here at Guernsey. The other perk of this system is that it’s particularly easy to implement. We get it, you’re busy. If you’re a Guernsey customer, you’re probably particularly busy—that’s one of the reasons you work with us. So make your life easy, just order a bunch of pizza and call it a 3.14 Pi Day Lunch.


5. Pi for the People

Do a fundraiser for a local non-profit where, for a donation of $3.14 or more, you can pie your boss. Or wear jeans for the day. Or take an extra half hour for lunch. You get the idea – the charm is really in the suggested donation amount, and you can get creative from there.

Most of all, don’t forget to check out our Pi Coffee Shop this Wednesday, sponsored by Keurig coffee! (So set yourself a reminder!) For that day ONLY we’re offering a discount of $3.14 dollars off your order when you add a box of Pi-flavored coffee with promo code LOVE314.

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Savannah Guernsey
Savannah Guernsey
When Savannah isn’t developing marketing strategy or building out experimental ventures for Guernsey, you can find her traveling, eating, reading, watching classic movies, eating, doing yoga, or watching terrible reality television. Also eating is a favorite pass time. Sometimes she writes blog posts about how to work better, faster, stronger and generally live your work life like a Kanye song.

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