5 More Ways to Celebrate Pi Day at Your Workplace

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5 More Ways to Celebrate Pi Day at Your Workplace

OK, one more time. 3.14159… Darn it, I always get stuck there. As you can see, math was never my strongest subject. The 14th of March marks the annual celebration of Pi Day. Although it may not be a national holiday, any excuse to celebrate at work – I’m all for it. Previously we explored 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Pi Day, however like the number itself, there are endless ways to rejoice in the name of pi. Here are five more ways to celebrate Pi Day at your workplace to make sure everyone gets a slice.



In other words, Bring Your Own Pie to work. Food gets us excited, and free food makes it even better. Bake a delicious pie with your own personal twist to share with coworkers for dessert. Maybe a sweet sugary one, dressed up with bright colors and name it, “Cutie Pi” (I had to get that one out of my system.) The only thing you’ll need to worry about the sugar rush afterwards. Want to make it even more fun and get the entire office involved? Kick it up a notch with a competition. Get the entire office involved and have each person bring in their own favorite pie and have a taste testing vote on which pie is best! Winner receives a small prize, possibly a gift card to the local bakery and bragging rights on your social media page with a photo of them and their famous pie. Don’t forget to make sure you have all the breakroom supplies on hand for this epic competition (plates, napkins, knives, forks and possibly some plastic storage containers to bring home some of the leftover yumminess, if there is any).


Guernsey Logo Apple Pie


Pies are scrumptious and delightful. But let’s not leave out other good eats with “pi” in their names. In addition to the pies, add variety to your food selection. To get you started with a few, pi-stachios, pi-neapples and pi-ckles would all be viable choices. A feast to share at your workplace and we all know – sharing is caring!


Pie Chart

In honor of this special day, a new rule has put into place in the company handbook that only pie charts can be used for every meeting on this day. Line graphs, bar charts, and histograms are a thing of the past. No need to ponder which graph will best show off your data. There is only one graph that matters on Pi Day.


Love of Pi

Brighten up the mood by showing your appreciation to fellow coworkers. Create a card reading, “Happy Pi Day, our friendship will last forever like Pi!” It will be something different from the usual pie that everyone expects. Or how about a Pi-ku (Haiku) poem, consisting 3 syllables in line one, 1 syllable in line two, and 4 syllables in line three to finish it off. With Pi, the options are endless.

Here’s a lovely Pi-ku written by yours truly,

“Pies are great,


You are better.”

3:14 PM

Another day at the office, working 9 to 5. We can all agree, work can get a bit tiring at times. Most of us get a lunch break, but that’s just not enough time to relax. For this special occasion of pi, you get an additional break at 3:14 pm for 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Grab some fresh air by talking a walk, enjoy a nice cool beverage at the breakroom or even converse with your fellow cubicle members. Just make sure you get back on task after!


There you go, five more ways to celebrate Pi Day at your office. I’m sure all of you creative minds out there have more ideas to share, feel free to share them with us. Who said work can’t be fun? Guernsey Inc. has all the supply needs for your workplace festivities. Take a look shop site ­– you will be surprised of all that we offer. And did we mention FREE next day delivery? Come check us out!


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Ethan Jeon
Ethan Jeon
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