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Kegerator Vending Machine service

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**Service only available to buildings with 100+ people in the DC/Metro area.


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Meet Nitro Cold Brew coffee...

Office coffee done right.

Commonwealth Joe's cold brew coffee is steeped and chilled for more than twelve hours using freshly-roasted coffee beans. The cold brew is then infused with nitrogen as it comes out of the tap, resulting in a naturally sweet and creamy beverage.



How it Works

1. A delivery technician will install the KVMs at the start of the trial period.

2. A Commonwealth Joe Brand Ambassador will do a 1-hour free-vend tasting on the first day of the trial to encourage adoption.

3. For the duration of the trial, your office can use the self-serve KVM at your convenience.

4. After 60 days, you can choose to continue with the selected program or request a pickup of the KVM. No questions asked.


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