Industry Affiliations


There’s Strength in Numbers

If you’ve gotten a quote from us, you’re probably wondering how our prices can be so great. No, the answer is not magical elves. Working with independent dealers across the industry, we’re able to purchase at parity with You Know Who, those large public companies that send you to a call center overseas when you call to ask why your binders were delivered two days late.
We’ve listed a few of those industry affiliations below. Beyond pricing, our affiliates also allow us to provide cooperative buying contracts to state, local and federal government customers, as well as customers in the non-profit sector, including FSSI OS3BPA, TCPN, NCPA, GSA MAS75 and more. By leveraging these pre-existing contracts, customers can often begin working with Guernsey immediately without having to go through a complex procurement process.


Pinnacle Affiliates LLC

Pinnacle Affiliates, LLC

Pinnacle Affiliates is a group of large independent workplace supplies dealers with common and unique needs due to the large scale of their operations. We come together to strengthen our partnership with manufacturers and leverage buying power. Pinnacle also gives Guernsey—and, therefore, our customers—access to several state, local and federal government and non-profit cooperative contracts, including:

  • TCPN
  • GSA MAS75
  • AEPA


National Office Products Alliance

NOPA is a group of family-owned office products companies trying to change the things in Washington, DC. By combining our voices in NOPA, independent dealers make sure we’re heard by the legislature right alongside the big public companies. That means that we stay competitive on a regulatory basis as well; just another way we keep our prices low!


American Office Products Distributors, Inc.

AOPD focuses on bringing together office products dealers from across the country on large, nationwide commercial contracts that can be used anywhere in the world. Guernsey offers the NCPA cooperative contract through AOPD, providing office supplies for local and state government buyers, as well as non-profit customers. Organizations that have already approved purchasing on general contracts will often find that NCPA is an approved contract under their program. Leveraging the NCPA contract to purchase through Guernsey means we can skip much of the complex procurement process, making buying easy.

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ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

ISSA is the heart of the janitorial and facilities vendor community. All ISSA members agree to a code of ethics as part of their membership, which includes a commitment to educating the public about safe product usage, focusing on on-going product improvements, and providing the safest and best products to customers in the janitorial and facilities space. As a member of ISSA, Guernsey is committed to providing not only the best pricing, but the best product services available in the industry. Like NOPA, ISSA also represents the interests of janitorial and facilities companies in Washington, pushing for legislation that ensures a cost-effective, safe, and responsible industry.


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