Refresh Your Workplace & Make It Feel New


Does your office feel a little...tired?

Maybe it’s too cluttered, or the furniture’s seen better days? Perhaps the setup simply isn’t conducive to your business needs? If you want to provide the optimal setting that really speaks to your brand while also creating a positive work environment for your people, look around and see where you can make some changes. Here are some helpful office refresh tips.

Times change, and so do company and employee needs. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to update your office. Your technology might be out of date, for example. You might have moved to a hybrid schedule and find you have more space than you need or that it’s set up in a way that wastes space. Or, contrarily, you might find you’ve expanded, and your current workspace is feeling tight and cluttered. Maybe it’s simply not an inviting space overall.

Clutter, Be Gone!

Has your business grown so much that you’re starting to feel a bit cramped in your space? It’s tempting to think you need more square footage, but the solution might be to make better use of your space. We have tons of storage options to help you organize and streamline every inch of your office space to open it and give everyone more metaphorical breathing room.

For Your Desks
Shelving/File Storage/Bookcases


Prioritize Your People

Refreshing your office workspace goes a long way to ensuring you are prioritizing the well-being of your employees, which then goes a long way in improving their productivity and morale. Doing things like reimagining your breakroom and making it a place people WANT to go to convene and relax is one place to start. To do that...

Another way to prioritize your people? Offer some sit-stand desk options. These desks have been shown to improve employee productivity while also offering plenty of health benefits, such as lowering risk of heart disease, reducing back pain, and improving mood. For those who aren’t as keen on the sit-stand desk options, ergonomic chairs are a good alternative.

If you’re feeling like it’s time for a refresh, we’ve got the products and supplies to help you get your space in order and looking and feeling new.

Located in or around DC, MD, VA, or PA and looking for a complete furniture redesign? No problem! We're headquartered in Chantilly, but we work with people all over the mid-Atlantic. Our exceptional team at Interiors By Guernsey is available to help you create the ideal office space perfect for your business’s unique needs.