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We’re Guernsey. We’re your source for everything in your office–but since you’re on this page, we’re guessing you’re interested in office kitchen and breakroom products.

Not to play favorites, but you picked our favorite line. Snacks are the best, and oh boy, do we offer snacks! Need healthy food for the workplace? Look no further! From fresh fruit to standard, sweet-potato chip goodness, we’ve got you covered. Need a new coffee brewer to perk up a dull day? A fresh cup is comin' right up! Plates, cups, & napkins? We’ve got all the disposables you need! And don’t worry, we can handle your boss’ Diet Coke addiction. Even if you just like to stay hydrated thanks to a water dispenser, we can help you create an office kitchen your employees will love. The best part: most of the stuff above can be delivered the next day, so no need to plan weeks in advance or waste square footage on snack storage.


75% of healthcare spending is attributable to preventable, behavior-related illnesses

Helpful Hints:

Fresh Fruit, Coffee, Candy, & All the Snacks Your Employees Could Want!

Guernsey offers a full, next-day delivery breakroom program to customers—everything from bean-to-cup coffee to Diet Coke to infinity and beyond. Healthy snacks, not-so-healthy snacks, and even breakfast may mean more than you think.

Consider it this way:

Good people are hard to find, and even harder to keep. If recruiting and retention aren’t enough pressure, 75% of healthcare spending is attributable to preventable, behavior-related illnesses, per the Society for Human Resources Management. That’s a lot of lost time and money for both employees and employers. Whether or not you have a full HR department, you’re always competing for talent against someone with a similar or better benefit structure and brand.

The scale varies but the problems remain for us all: how can we find the best employees and, once we do, how do we keep them? We sat down with our HR Manager, Kim Strickland, to get her take on employee recruitment and retention.

"I think my big thing in HR is I want to make a difference,” Kim says. She sees the workplace as a garden where people can grow and blossom in their careers. With the amount of time employees spend in the office, she tells us, it’s crazy for them to be unhappy. “I want people to love to come to work," she says, echoing SHRM’s 2012 ToolKit, "Managing for Employee Retention.”



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