Janitorial & Facilities Programs


A Clean and Safe Workplace

Along with the appropriate products for each cleaning job, we provide effective services and resources to gear your organization for success.

  • Equipment Repair
  • Refurbished Equipment
  • Equipment Rental
  • On-Site Demos
  • Training Programs
  • Inventory Management


Equipment Repair

Equipment saves labor and labor is your biggest cleaning cost. When equipment is down, expenses go up. We repair most makes and models of equipment quickly to get keep your fleet up and running.


Machine broken? Weird noises? Hit it 10 times and it's not working?

We at Guernsey know cleaning is more important than ever and to clean properly you need well functioning equipment.


Refurbished Equipment

When you are looking for a certified quality piece of gently used equipment at a fair price. We have a selection of refurbished equipment that will satisfy your workplace needs.


Equipment Rental

Sometimes there is a job that just needs to be done and done with the right equipment. Rely on us for providing the right equipment for the small jobs that need to get done right.


On-Site Demos

Seeing is believing. There is no better way to ensure a piece of equipment or a chemical is the right fit for a tough job than to see it in action. Talk to us about setting up a demo for your office today!


Training Programs

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi. Let us coach your team. We will gear you with all the essentials to work your equipment.


Inventory Management

Your job is to clean a facility, not count how many rolls of toilet paper rolls are in the storage area. Our team can help manage your inventory for you to keep you focused on your facilities.


Got questions? Get in contact with us!

Drop us a line, give us a shout, send us a telegram – whatever works for you, we’ll make it work for us!