National Accounts


Delivery. Customized Down to the Carrier Pigeon.

Do your company’s satellite offices extend beyond the Mid-Atlantic region? Does an office in Florida or California need next-day delivery? Not a problem! Through our National Account Program, we can fashion a program that provides all your locations throughout the country with next day delivery and added value by leveraging purchasing volumes. With over 150,000 items available, we’re sure to have what you need, when you need it. Our goal is to save you time and money when it comes to managing purchasing across all your office locations.


The Guernsey National Accounts program offers:

  • Large-scale procurement program digital services such as eProcurement and punchout integration
  • Sophisticated online ordering platform and workflow management technology
  • Product selection, quality, and fulfillment
  • Pricing based on aggregate purchases for volume-driven savings
  • Support with full accountability for absolute end-user satisfaction
  • Streamlined billing procedures to minimize administrative costs
  • Management controls for simplified administrative oversight
  • Savings derived from implementing a single-source vendor consolidation


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