Guernsey’s Guaranteed Clean Machines


Cleanliness is essential in every professional space across any industry. A clean space means healthy people, and healthy people are happier, heartier, and more productive.

At Guernsey, we know that facility cleanliness starts from the ground up. From traditional vacuums to powerful auto-scrubbers, we’re sure to have the floor machine you need to keep clean!



Featuring the Brand Names You Trust




The workhorses of every cleaning solution. Find the convenient backpack, powerful sweeper, or traditional upright vacuum that fits your needs.


Automatic Scrubbers

Unbeatable scrubbing power with maximized mobility.

Standard Floor Machines

When you’re ready to go back to basics, these machines won’t let you down.


Parts, Repairs, & Maintenance

Guernsey Janitorial programs offer rentals, training, inventory management, and more. Whether you’re determined to fix the machine yourself and just need a part, or you need a helping hand (and a rental while you make repairs), Guernsey is committed to creating a clean and safe workplace.


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