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May 12, 2022
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Exciting for Us, Important for Everyone 

Let’s be honest, at Guernsey we know that not everyone enjoys talking about janitorial and facilities management as much we do. It’s hard to get other folks excited over new eco-friendly cleaning solutions, advances in sanitation equipment, or the virtues of clear signage, too. That may not get your motor running but it remains a fact that good Janitorial & Facilities practices will elevate your brand, save money, and help the environment!

A Healthy Sense of Pride

A clean, well-maintained workplace is one of the easiest ways to boost morale. The sense of pride created by a clean environment echoes out into customer service, vendor relations, even the way employees talk about work to their loved ones. Visitors remember the respect with which you treat your workers and your company.  

 Cleanliness also contributes to mental health by creating a sense of order, calm, and well-being. The overall impact on mental and physical hygiene contributes to lower rates of illness, higher rates of attendance, and higher productivity throughout the office. 

 Simply by caring for your office you: 

  • Enrich Employee Wellness 
  • Strengthen Customer Relations 
  • Elevate Your Brand 

Protect Your Investment

Taking responsible care of your workplace is a straightforward way to protect your company’s investment in itself. Whether you are leasing or own your office, frequent cleaning and maintenance will prevent wear and tear that could require replacement or repair.  

Taking care of your floors in particular should be a priority. For extending the life of carpets and protecting hard floors Guernsey recommends the IPC Eagle SmartVac. This battery-powered device adjusts automatically to clean any surface, vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors quickly and efficiently.  

Go Green and Get Clean 

Detergents work by being sticky enough to attract dirt and adhere to it, and for years this has proven an effective cleaning tactic. The problem? When you use detergent, even properly diluted, you leave behind a sticky residue. On every surface. Every time you clean. This residue holds on to soil, dirt, and dust, forcing you to clean and reclean the same surfaces over and over, wasting time, money, and resources without ever achieving a sustained level of clean. 

Split! Non-Detergent Cleaners, as you may have guessed, contain zero detergent. Instead of attracting and sticking to dirt, Split! blasts dirt into particles, splitting soil into smaller and smaller pieces until it can be easily wiped away. More effective cleaning means less cleaning, and less cleaning means fewer materials used, and more money saved! 

Best of all? Split! meets internationally recognized standards for Green Seal Certification, making it both an effective and eco-friendly choice. 

Sanitizing, Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sterilizing

Maintaining the health of everyone who enters your workplace is perhaps the most important responsibility of your Janitorial/Facilities staff. It’s important to know specific terms to better understand the needs of your office. Having a clear concept of your janitorial needs gives you better control over your cleaning budget and prevents you from stocking up on products you won’t use or exposing your workplace to unnecessarily harsh chemicals.   


You clean a surface by removing any unwanted dirt, dust, or soil. When you spray a surface and wipe it down, you are cleaning. You’d be hard pressed to find an office that couldn’t make use of some spray cleaner and paper towels. Cleaning basics are a must for every workplace. 


Sanitizing does not kill, but instead reduces the number of bacteria and microorganisms to a range that is safe. Treatments for sanitizing are often used on food preparation surfaces, as they are less harsh than most chemicals used for disinfecting.  


Beyond sanitizing is disinfecting. Disinfecting agents kill dangerous bacteria and viruses, stopping the spread of germs and contributing to the physical health of the office. 


Beyond sanitizing is disinfecting. Disinfecting agents kill dangerous bacteria and viruses, stopping the spread of germs and contributing to the physical health of the office. 

Visit our site to see how Guernsey’s Janitorial & Facilities Programs can help your business. 

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