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If you’re an office worker like me and spend most of your day in the office, don’t think it’s impossible to practice healthy habits! I’ve gathered some practical tips in an effort to spare yourself from adding a few hundred calories to your diet or feeling too drained to exercise after work. I challenge you to start tackling these tips today and how much better you can feel, mentally and physically.


Drink LOTS of Water

I know, I know. You probably hear this all the time: “Drink eight glasses of water a day.” Well, I’m here to tell you again that you should. Seriously. The list of benefits goes on and on. Dehydration is a silent killer and is often responsible for most of your cravings, problems with focusing, and fatigue. Don’t underestimate the power of hydration because it has a direct impact on your cognitive and mental performance.[1] If you’re having trouble staying hydrated at work, try treating yourself to a fun water bottle and keep it at your desk. Make it a challenge to fill it up every hour!



Healthy Snack Supply

Don’t even think about the sugary snacks and making that trip to the vending machine! Yes, we all crave junk foods, but they’re villains. They don’t actually fill you up, but leave you feeling sluggish with extra unwanted calories. Replace those sugars with healthy alternatives that enhance productivity like fruits, carrots, or nuts.[2] Have these healthy staples on hand at your desk, so you don’t end up walking towards the vending machine when you’re hungry.



Brown Bag It

Bringing your own lunch means saving money while also eating healthier. Go ahead, try naming a better duo. When you pack your own lunch, you have the power to choose the foods you like and portion control. Try packing your dinner leftovers or meal prepping on Sundays to save time during the week.


Keep Moving

Being sedentary is one of the main problems of an office job. It can take a toll on our bodies as neck and back tensions and eye strains increase.[3] Luckily, there are lots of ways to refresh our bodies at work. Walk around during your phone call meeting, stretch your muscles by walking to your coworker to ask a question instead of emailing them, or use the farthest bathroom. Get up, stretch, walk around, and increase those blood oxygenations. Trust me, your body will thank you later.


Stand vs. Sit

You’ve probably heard of them already: standing desks. They’ve been on the upswing in offices these days and I can see why. Standing desks boost health and productivity from sitting at your office desk for hours. Being on your feet can help avoid chronic diseases related with too much sitting. But don’t replace sitting with standing entirely. Standing for long periods of time is also thought to have negative impacts on your health.[4] To benefit most from standing desks, simply alternate between sitting and standing every hour or so. If you don’t already have a standing desk at your office, try sending a request for one to your boss. Check out these Lotus sit-stand workstations that make it a breeze to adjust the height of your desk.


Keep It Personal

We spend about 8 hours a day at work, so you can say the office is like our home away from home. It’s important that your workplace is customized to your personal liking as health is largely influenced by the environment. Decorating your office space with items that express who you are impacts your behavior and motivation to act. It can also reduce stress and positively affect your mood.[5]–work–learn-and-play-affect-our-health-.html Just remember, you’re still in a professional setting, so keep it tactful!


Fight Germs

The average office desk contains about 400 times more germs than a toilet seat.[6] Yuck! Bust out the disinfectant and kill those germs on your desk! Germs can remain infectious for days on hard surfaces.[7] Make it a routine to clean the objects you touch every day like your keyboard, mouse, and phone. Also, don’t forget the hand sanitizer! Keep these handy and apply them frequently to help fight the spread of germs in the workplace.


I know that at work completing your daily workload is at the forefront and health isn’t always a priority. But, just because you’re busy at work doesn’t mean you can’t make efforts to get healthier. Think about it, if you get sick, you may miss a day or even days of work completely. Consider implementing these simple tips to change work habits to healthy work habits. Lettuce start the new year on the right track! (Haha! Get it?)


Take a Healthy Stand in the Office


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