PunchOut Catalogs


What is a PunchOut Catalog?

A PunchOut Catalog is a direct, web-based connection that allows a corporate purchasing agent to buy from a supplier’s ecommerce site from within their own procurement system.

How Do PunchOut Catalogs Work?

A PunchOut catalog allows you to work within spend management systems, which is often required by corporations, government institutions and certain organizations.

So, let’s say you’re a buyer agent – you won’t need to navigate to the seller e-commerce website. Instead, you’d simply log into your own e-procurement system (i.e. Ariba). You’d then add items to your shopping cart while both of the systems keep their connections.

It's really that easy.

You’re building a request, which will be transferred back to the e-procurement system for approval when you’re ready to check out. Once the order is directed to the appropriate financial approver, a purchase order will be issued from the e-procurement system and sent to the supplier to fulfill. When you checkout, the shopping cart will be transferred back to the e-procurement application.





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