Reopening the Workplace


The workplace is changing.

COVID-19 has globally affected everyday life. The workplace must prepare and take action in light of safety guidelines set by the CDC.

Don't know where to start? Our workspace experts are here to support you along the way. We have all the information and supplies to reopen safely and efficiently.


Want to learn about preparing your workplace for reopening and the polices/procedures for maintaining a healthy workplace?

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Let's Plan

Before resuming operations double check if your building is ready for occupancy:

  • Confirm ventilation system is functioning correctly and easy access to windows to increase air flow
  • Perform an assessment of hazardous common workplace areas
  • Thoroughly communicate with all personnel in the office about guidelines
  • Air purifiers to protect and clean the air conditions in your building
  • Provide health safety gear to employees and how to correctly use them
  • Set up stations to sanitize oneself
  • Post signage to encourage social distancing behavior
  • Organize barriers between areas of contact to decrease germ spread

Frequently touched areas to consider:

- Phones

- Touch screens

- Keyboards & mice

- Drawer pulls

- Tables & desks

- Doorknobs

- Light switches

- Faucets & sinks

- Bathroom area

- Seating areas and chairs


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