Hydration: What is the Best Way to Hydrate Your Body?

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Bet you didn’t know that National Hydration Day existed, it’s okay, we’re on the same boat. Every year, on the 23rd of June, Hydration Day is celebrated to create awareness on the importance of proper hydration. What’s considered proper hydration? A good rule of thumb is eight cups of water on the daily, but when’s the last time you counted each cup you drank? And what qualifies as a cup of water? Wait, but some say eight cups of water may be too little or too much. Do caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea count towards hydration? So many questions – let’s learn more about proper hydration and healthy habits for your everyday tasks.


Common Myths about Hydration

  • The commonly emphasized “eight cups of water” is the suggested drinking amount, but every has their own ideal number that fluctuates depending on body type and how much activity is done on a daily basis. Fluid intake for a cubicle warrior like me will differ from an athlete out on the sunny field. Trust your thirst levels and drink accordingly. Also, don’t forget to hydrate while you eat!
  • Just because a beverage is caffeinated does not mean that hydration effects are numbed down. Soda, coffee, and tea are diuretics that aid in water flow throughout the body and will also keep you hydrated. A two for one. Make sure to intake caffeine with moderation.
  • Yes, overhydration is a thing. It’s key to monitor how much fluid you intake on a daily basis. If life’s keeping you busy and you lose track of how much you’re drinking, try setting up reminders and creating a schedule to get into routine. For myself, I try to make a conscious effort to sip water every 20 minutes at work. It helps!
  • Many believe sports drinks are superior to water. I’m thinking it’s the sugary flavors or those commercial endorsements by superstar athletes. We’ve all seen those. LeBron James takes a sip of an electrolytes drink and voila! He’s immediately refueled and carries the team to another win. These drinks heavy in electrolytes are perfect for people under strenuous exercise because they help overcome dehydration while sweating. It, however, does not particularly outweigh the good ‘ol drinking water. These sports drinks contain lots of sugar that isn’t necessary for people who are less active. These extra sugars can lead to obesity and even tooth decay. So, watch out!

Why We Love Hydration


Hydration is an essential part of life. Let’s create healthy habits at the workplace and just about everywhere we go. Everyone can always use a friendly reminder to stay hydrated. We have a HUGE selection of beverages, for all taste buds. Take a look and stock up on beverages now!

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