March Madness: It Isn’t Just a Basketball Tournament

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March 21, 2019
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March Madness Basketball Net Swish

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March Madness!  To quote legendary sportscaster Dick Vitale, “Its awesome baby!!!”  When you stop and think about it, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament offers an interesting parallel to workplace supplies. How is that you ask?


Blue Bloods vs Mid-Majors

“Blue Bloods” are your perennial powerhouse programs that get the best recruits, have the biggest budgets, have huge fan bases and have a storied tradition of winning.  In the 2019 NCAA tournament, teams like Duke, UNC and Kentucky would be considered your Blue Bloods.  In the office, our Blue Blood manufacturers would be companies like HON, HP, Gojo and Rubbermaid.  All of these Blue Bloods can be relied on for top performances year in and year out and are always leading the pack.

“Mid-Majors” are generally lesser known or not as established programs.  These programs may not have the long history of success, but they still can put together a quality squad and compete against anyone.  In the 2019 NCAA tournament our Mid-Majors would be teams like Buffalo, Villanova and Nevada.  In the office supply industry, our Mid-Major manufacturers would be Deb, Nittany Paper and Nexstep.  These Mid-Majors may not have the national recognition of Blue Bloods, but they are strong competitors that shine come competition time.


School Spirit is Everywhere

Schools love building their brand.  March Madness is a school spirit overload with schools showing off their logo, parading around their mascot and playing their fight song at every commercial break.  Workplaces aren’t very different, well aside from the fact that most workplaces don’t have a fight song…yet…  Every company out there has promotional products with their logos on it, from pens and shirts to soap dispensers and swag bags that build their brand just like a school like UCLA does during the NCAA tournament.


Nothing Ends After the Games Are Over

Even though the season is over after the nets are cut down and a winner is crowned, that doesn’t mean it’s time to relax for universities around the country.  Universities use the publicity and recognition from their media exposure in the NCAA tournament to help recruit new athletes and students.  Universities also hold exit meetings with graduating players to help them build the program for the future.  Similarly, after an office furniture installation in the workplace is complete, the work isn’t over yet.  The company meets with their installation team to go over the punch list and make sure that everything is perfect.  Then the company shows off their new space to employees and clients to help build their business and bring in top new recruits.

Mach Madness has everything you can ask for in terms of competition, excitement and the classic David vs. Goliath struggle of Blue Bloods vs Mid-Majors.  No matter what type of team you root for, the NCAA tournament truly is the best playoff in sports so kick back and enjoy the fun!



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Jake Mages
Jake Mages
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