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November 19, 2018
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Do You Sit Down for a Third of the Day or More in the Office?

You might want to sit down for this. According to Newsweek[1], seven to ten hours a day is spent sitting down for an average office worker. With all that time spent in our chairs, isn’t it important to maximize comfort and even ergonomics? Yeah, I know, we’ve all been there. Leaning back on chairs for the first time, not knowing how far it will recline, and holding on for dear life as life flashes before your eyes. No? (Maybe it’s just me.) Don’t worry, we’ll guide you in getting familiar with your chair. Let’s get started!

Got yourself all settled in? There are a wide variety of office chairs and at Interiors by Guernsey, we can help you achieve all your seating goals. In addition, we can show you step-by-step instructions on the ergonomic controls to get the full effect of your new piece of furniture. Workplace comfort, we can do that!

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