Steps to De-stress from Work Life

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April 6, 2020
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Back-to-back meetings, worrying about your next career move, life situations — don’t be stressed. Work can get a bit dreadful at times but you’re not alone. Let’s take a step back together and relax. Here’s a list of things you can start today to ease your nine to five.

Steps to De-stress from Work

1. Organize and Clean Your Workspace

When your workspace is all over the place, it will translate into your daily routine. Don’t make “that’s the beauty of it” an excuse to keep things cluttered. Throw away those expired snacks you never ate and recycle those reports that you don’t need anymore. Who knows, the decluttering may even inspire a stress free relaxation station!

2. Start Your Day 30 Minutes Early

If you feel as if there’s not enough time in your day to get things done, start your day off 30 minutes earlier than usual. The less rushed you feel, the more you can accomplish throughout the day. Not much of a morning person? Here are some tips to keep your mornings productive.

3. Recognize Your Accomplishments

That was quite the presentation you put on there. Give yourself a pat on the back by rewarding yourself for all the work you been putting in. We don’t take enough time to recognize the things we are doing well. A confidence booster for sure.

4. Remind Yourself Why

Besides the usual time you take to plan and make reminders for the week ahead, sit down and think about the why. Keep a photo frame including precious and dear things to your heart. Whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed, take a look at the display – now, back to work!

5. Stay Healthy

As much we hear it, we seem to forget the impact stress has on our health. Daily scheduled stretching, talking a walk outside and sit-and-stand desks are all effective ways to improve your health. Especially if you have desk-bound job. Also, consider your food intake. May we interest you in some healthy snacks?

We can do this, together. We’re here to deliver happiness to your workplace.

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