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Close your eyes.

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “office breakroom”?

My guess is that you are picturing a small area with an over packed fridge that desperately needs to be cleaned out. There is probably a crusty old brewer and some sort of water cooler. And let’s just ignore that microwave that has pasta sauce from 1985 baked onto the walls.

Now open your eyes. I’m sorry you had to suffer through that gruesome image, but Guernsey is here for you.


An office breakroom is no longer the small kitchenette area that has too long been neglected.

The breakroom of 2020 and beyond is a place for employees to gather, relax or even sit and get work done. (GASP!)

So how do you elevate your office’s small kitchen area to the 2020 breakroom that is going to help you attract and retain talented and productive employees?  First, you call Guernsey!


Here are some of the many ways Guernsey can re-design your breakroom:

1. Upgrade your drink offerings from coffee brewers that can make lattes and brew fresh local coffee beans to sparkling water dispensers and everything in between.

2. Provide snacks, snacks and even more snacks to keep your employees on site and well nourished. We have you covered from traditional candy and salty snacks to healthier choices to fresh fruit, salad and dairy.

3. Add upgraded furniture to spice up even the most drab of breakrooms. Small spaces can be outfit with counter height tables and chairs, or large spaces can be designed with lounge seating for that coffee shop feel.

4. Don’t have space in your current kitchen to turn it into a breakroom?  No worries!  Guernsey can assist with that. We partner with local contractors to assist our customers in custom buildouts of their breakroom space and can walk you through from concept, to design, to construction, to selection of appliances.


What We Can Do For Your Breakroom

Taking your office kitchen from the place you couldn’t wait to leave when I asked you to close your eyes, to a modern and updated breakroom can drastically improve the ambiance of your office. Employees will be proud to show off the workspace to vendors, customers and even potential hires. They will also spend more time at work and get better productivity while they are in the office. A small investment in the breakroom area can pay large dividends in culture improvement within a building.

You’ll know you’ve finally achieved the breakroom of 2020 when you have your new millennial recruits happily setting down working productively for hours with their AirPods in, fresh latte brewed on site in hand and tablet infront of them.


Contact us and upgrade your Washington DC, MD, VA, PA office breakroom today!



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Jake Mages
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