Stop Ignoring Your Printer Security: Things You Can Do To Prevent Risk

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February 18, 2020
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Better Safe Than Sorry

Is your workplace secure? Passwords, fingerprints and PIN numbers just aren’t enough anymore. HP Inc., formally known as Hewlett-Packard, is devoted to protecting your workplace from harm. From all printing supplies to hardware, HP offers endless options to choose from to fit your company’s needs. It’s not only a product decision, but a security decision. Think you are safe?

Here at Guernsey we have partnered with the best in the biz to provide printer security solutions to keep your business safe and sound.

Guidelines for Safe & Secure Printing

1. Wireless Printing

Printers nowadays have the feature to print wirelessly, make sure your printer is connected to a private network of your own. Configure it to only print from approved and allowed networks and devices.

2. Choosing the Right Printer

Low budget printers are not well suited for the amount of printing that occurs in the workplace. Making an investment on a well-built printer with top features will keep you satisfied in the long run.

3. Toners & Inks

Depending on the printer, we all know printers need inks or toners to function. But did you know that the choice of cartridges also affect security? HP Original Cartridges are designed for security and tamper-resistant packaging. They are also recycled so that they will never go to landfill, security and environmentally friendly!

Take a look at this infographic provided by HP for more data:

HP®; Printer Device Security
International Data Corporation (IDC); The Business Value of Printer Security
Risk Based Security; 2016 Reported Data Breaches Expose Over 4 Billion Records
Spiceworks; Unlocked Doors: Research Shows Printers are Being Left Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Guernsey Inc. will supply you with the latest HP products and services for your workplace. Everything from HP Original ink to the printer hardware you’ve been looking for.

No need to wait for a couple business days or even weeks, we can get it to you the next day for FREE! Sounds too good to be true? Let’s chat!

Take a look at all HP printing options!


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