Is Printing Causing Indoor Air Quality Pollution In Your Office?

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Printers have been an essential part of the workplace for decades. Printing, scanning and copying documents are all simply done with a press of a button. (Thank you, technology.) Now that we live in a world that has become more environmentally conscious, people have shifted to go “paperless” and recycle in order to minimize their waste from printing. However, printers are not perfect. The machine processes that go on internally in some printers and cartridges might be degrading indoor air quality. The emissions released into the air could expose you to unknown health and safety hazards.

It’s estimated that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors meaning that the air we breathe everyday needs to be clean and healthy. It’s a concern not just for us, but the environment also. Some places even require you to purchase supplies and products with an eco-friendly label to meet building guidelines and regulations. HP invests in printing systems designed for the well-being of our customers and the environment. Original HP toner cartridges should be the heart of your printing system and crucial for its safe performance. Imitation cartridges could be bad for indoor quality. Original HP toner cartridges guarantees premium ingredients, proven reliability and indoor air quality.

Watch this short video on how the value adds up with HP.


Print Without Compromise:


Ready to gear up your workplace with the latest and greatest from HP? Guernsey, Inc. can provide you the best possible solution for all your company needs. Beware of imitation toners and inks that may increase your costs in the long run and pollute the air that you breathe. A healthy and productive workplace – we’re all for it!

Print without compromise with original HP toner.


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