Find Your Perfect Office Coffee Brewer: Which Machine Best Fits Your Needs

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August 28, 2019
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Espressos, lattes, cappuccinos – you name it. Seems like coffee has been gaining momentum to become America’s most beloved beverage. There’s a coffee shop everywhere you go.

The beautiful thing about coffee is variety. Some prefer just black with nothing added. While others like to add dash of sweetness with cream and sugar. Whether you prefer your coffee light, dark or right in the middle – the options are endless. The name of the game is finding the perfect balance of aroma, flavor and acidity to your tasting. Since the first discovery of this bitter bean in the 800’s (yes that’s right, over one thousand years ago) to modern day, people love coffee SO much that coffee lovers now celebrate National Coffee Day.

Every September 29th marks the celebration of National Coffee Day. To honor this special day, we will be your matchmaker in finding the perfect brewer for your workplace.

Now, coffee brewers come in all different shapes and sizes. Before you go on choosing a brewer, here are a few things to consider. You’ve got two options: the usual single cup brewers or glass pot and thermal brewers – they both get the job done. Some machines require a direct water connection, is that something you can provide? If not, a pour over water source may be the option for you. Also, another point to consider is that not all people may not favor caffeine. Meaning you need a machine that has the capacity to offer more beverage options such as hot chocolate or tea. Okay, enough with the specifications, let’s start narrowing down your options:

Find Your Perfect Brewer!

Interested in learning more about a specific machine? Get in contact with us, we’re here to help!

Make a Perfect Cup of Office Coffee!

Trouble with error codes on your brewers?

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