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Cutting Costs in the Modern Office

Cutting overhead expenses is never a bad idea, and office supplies always seem like an easy target for belt-tightening. After all, the worst thing an office supply can do is go unused, after it’s already been paid for. But with flexible work-from-home schedules becoming more and more popular amongst white collar workers, the modern office has more staffing variables to consider than ever before. How do you supply an office when you can’t expect the same day, every day? How do you effectively spend your budget on the supplies you know you’ll need, even if you don’t know when? Here are a few money saving ways to support your employees without sacrificing your bottom line. 

Replace These Products to Prevent Waste (and Cut Cost) 

Whenever possible, reduce waste and save money in the long run by purchasing supplies that can been reused, repurposed, or recycled. Exchanging staples (a one-time use product that requires another product, a stapler, to be useful) for reusable paperclips is a savvy way to reduce costs. Using refillable bottles and cleaning solutions instead of throwing away empty plastic bottles saves money and helps create a sustainable environment. Here are three common office supplies to consider replacing with products that are reusable or eliminate waste. 


We may never convince everyone to go 100% paperless; every office has at least one person who just seems to work better with pen and paper. Instead of stocking the supply closet with cheap disposable pens that get thrown in the trash after just a few days of scribbling, invest in reusable pens and pen ink refills. 

Paper Products

While paper towels, tissues, and napkins will always be a necessary and helpful tool to keep the office clean, the use of other paper products is starting to wane. Notepads, for instance, are being replaced by personal dry-erase boards when employees need to capture brainstorms and inspiration. 


Individual serving packages are a terrific way to keep breakroom snacks fresh and tasty. Single servings cut waste while also preventing the spread of germs. In a world with work-from-home schedules and infectious concerns, shelf-stable options in the breakroom like cereal, cookies, and oatmeal keep employees satisfied and safe, improving morale and increasing productivity all while saving money.  

Other Ways To Save

As much as you want to save money, you also want your employees to have all the tools they need to be successful. Here are three simple ways to cut costs on office supplies while still fully-supporting your employees.  

Buy in Bulk

The first tip is the most straightforward. Buying in bulk from as few suppliers as possible means you may be able to lock in low, guaranteed prices on the products you use the most. Shelf-stable, non-perishable, and paper goods can all be purchased in bulk and stored for later use. But on the other hand, you don’t want to open a warehouse to store your office supplies, so be sure to… 

Use Everything Before Restocking

Sure, you may be running low on blue pens, but there are boxes of black pens that haven’t even been opened yet. Wait until you are nearly out of each type of product before ordering more. This keeps your supply closet manageable, your costs down, and has the added benefit of self-selecting unpopular products that you may decide to stop purchasing altogether.  

Supply Stations

Consider supplies that are used every day, but not by everyone. Instead of providing each team member with a personal stapler, hole puncher, tape dispenser – the list goes on – create supply stations throughout the office. Employees will visit the stations to use items as needed, cutting down on redundant stock, with the added benefit of a brief movement break.  Buying fewer of each item less often will have a significant impact on the bottom line.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Employees

You’ve heard how Guernsey can help create and maintain an office that isn’t just functional but flourishing. If you need more ideas or want to brainstorm how to incorporate the topics we’ve just discussed, don’t be afraid to ask your employees. Studies show that employees are looking for three things in the workplace:  

  1. Areas for Collaboration  
  2. Spaces for Relaxation 
  3. Food 

And, wouldn’t you know it, with Guernsey you can have all three.

Create your account today and support your staff while saving money! 

Gordon Thrall
Gordon Thrall
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