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Guernsey Gives Back: Community Outreach and Fundraising

At Guernsey, we believe wholeheartedly in the philosophy of giving. Civic engagement with our community is just as important to us as providing excellent service to our valued customers.


We know that giving back is an ongoing commitment, and we are so proud of the work our people do to help the communities we serve as a company. Here are a few highlights from recent charitable activities that we want to share with you.


A Quick Recap of Last Year’s Philanthropic Efforts


Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work helping to support several local organizations in need. From providing hand sanitizer and PPE equipment to participating in food and toy drives, we’re always seeking ways to assist with meeting the ever-present needs of the communities in which we operate.


Thanksgiving Dinner Bags

Loudon Hunger Relief Sign
Loudoun Hunger Relief. Source: Facebook

Food drives are a great way for our employees to get involved in our community. To that end, in November we sponsored a food drive with Loudoun Hunger Relief to help with the creation and assembly of Thanksgiving dinner bags for the homeless population of Loudoun County. Employees rose to the occasion, donating money and grocery store gift cards to help purchase food items for the initiative.


PPE and Sanitation Needs

masked child putting on hand sanitizer

Pathogens never sleep, so we are making sure we stay vigilant against them, and not just in our efforts with furniture and office design. We made PPE and large quantities of hand sanitizer donations to a number of local medical facilities, shelters, and schools in hopes of keeping our community healthy and protected against germs and other potentially hazardous health dangers.


Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA)

Man and his Dog at Friends of Homeless Animals
Source: Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA)

Anyone who’s ever volunteered at or visited an animal shelter knows they are always in need of donations. As part of Guernsey’s giveback initiative this past holiday season, we provided items to help with animal care and overall operations to Friends Of Homeless Animals (FOHA), a local shelter and adoption agency. From dog food to cat litter and anything in between, we did our best to help FOSHA’s operations running smoothly.


Northern Virginia Family Services Toy Drive


At the end of the year, we did a holiday donation drive to collect toys for Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS), an incredible nonprofit focused on offering resources, services, and support to help families and individuals thrive.   

Partnership with HON Company on Winter Gear Drive to Benefit Thrive DC

Jackets for Winter Drive Thrive DC with HON
Source: ThriveDC Facebook

This past December, we partnered with the HON Company to provide winter gear (coats, hats, scarfs, socks, gloves, etc.) for Thrive DC, an organization that helps 200-250 homeless and vulnerable individuals in DC.


Supporting Our Educators and Our Students

Keene Mill Elementary School Empty Seats and Layout
Keene Mill Elementary School – Classroom

Our expertise in classroom design and interiors gives us a leg up when it comes to supporting schools, and we love that we can put that expertise to use in charitable ways by providing ongoing assistance to local school systems through donations, logistics, and financial support.


Tunnel to Towers Race for Hope


Considering two of the regions we serve (Pennsylvania and northern Virginia) were directly impacted by the events of 9/11, we would be remiss if we didn’t support initiatives that help benefit those whose lives were forever changed on that day. Recently, we donated water to a local Tunnels to Tower race, an initiative that’s part of the larger Tunnels to Tower Foundation, which helps provide financial assistance to military and first responders and their families.


Giving Back to Fulfill Critical Needs

“Engaging with the community and working towards a shared goal of feeding the hungry in Loudoun County helps make LHR Food Drives fulfilling and critical as we care for those in need.” — LHR Volunteer Manager Carla Fortenberryx


From assisting local non-profits to grassroots efforts organized through our employee-run FlashPoint Group, we love to serve our community in whatever way we can and look forward to continuing to do so in future.

Reach out to learn more about our efforts and to connect with us.


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