Summer’s Top Promotional Products and Apparel

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Guernsey’s Top Promotional Products & Apparel for Summer

Summer’s nearly here! Is your business ready for it? Summer is a fantastic time to strengthen business relationships and boost your brand awareness. Trips to the beach, camping, family vacations, picnics, barbecues, sports events, and music festivals to just walks in the park… there are myriad opportunities to make your promo items work for you!


Choose from apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, and hats. Go functional with items like bags, cozies, bottles, and towels. Get playful with fun items like pet toys, sports gear, and outdoor accessories. Guernsey’s extensive catalogue of high-quality promotional products and apparel means the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting your promotional products on full display. No matter what your target demographic is – be it avid adventurer, sailing enthusiast, sports fanatic, beach bum, or something else entirely – you’ll find the perfect items to promote your brand with Guernsey.


Clothing and Accessories


With promotional apparel, your customers effectively become walking billboards for your brand everywhere they go. And during the summer, you have plenty of apparel options to choose from – tank tops, t-shirts, polos, hoodies, hats of all kinds…the list goes on and on. Take your pick – when it comes to clothing and accessories, you really can’t go wrong in the promotional item department!


Short-Sleeved Polo Shirts



Tank Tops










Sun Hats




Flips Flops


Food and Drinks


Nothing says summer like backyard barbeques and campfires. Help people stay hydrated with items like insulated reusable bottles and tumblers, plus coolers to keep their drinks cold and refreshing.   

Beverage Insulators


Insulated Bottles




Picnic Baskets






Summer is a top time for travel. Whether it’s just weekends away, long road trips, family holidays, or even just day trips to the beach or the mountains, people are on the move in a big way in the summer. If you invest in the right promotional items, your brand can go along for the ride with them! It’s an excellent marketing tool for getting your brand in front of more potential customers in more places.      

Toiletry Bags


Duffel Bags


Tote Bags




Sports & Outdoors


‘Summer’ and ‘outdoors’ are practically synonymous. Outdoors enthusiasts and sports fans will love items like beach bags and towels, camping chairs, golf balls, kites, and pickleball sets. Bonus points if you offer something for the fur babies as well!  

Beach Bags








Golf Balls


Golf Markers






Beach Balls 

Dog Toys




With long hours of scorching sun, self-care is not something to take lightly in the summer. Want to show customers and clients you care about their well-being? How about branded lip balms, sunscreen, or mini first-aid kits?


Lip Balm




First-Aid Kits


At Guernsey, we understand the significance of promoting your brand the right way, which is why we offer such a diverse and extensive assortment of affordable premium promotional products. Promoting a business can be challenging, but with our assistance, it can be accomplished creatively, effortlessly, and economically to make your advertising dollars go farther.


As the premier workplace source for Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, we are known for providing cost-effective solutions to all business needs, making business operations easier for our clients. Not local? Not an issue. As long as you have a shipping address, we can get you your products. Place your order today!


Browse our extensive promo product catalogue!

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