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Fresh Food Delivery: Stock your DC Area Breakroom

Eating healthily and job performance have an undeniable link. People need to make their health and nutritional choices a priority in the workplace. Employers should encourage their team to do so with healthy snack options available throughout the day. Our delivery service allows you to include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other healthy fresh options in your breakroom and in meetings. Looking to include bagels for that early morning meeting? We have those too!

Helpful Hint: Reasons to Provide Fresh Fruit in the Office:

  1. An Extra Dose of Vitamins and Minerals:
    Vitamin C: Citrus Fruits
    Vitamin E: Berries & Kiwi
    Potassium: Bananas & Oranges
    Fiber: Apples, Bananas, Oranges, & Strawberries
  2. Natural & Healthy way to Boost Energy Levels:
    Eating an apple can provide you with more energy than that beloved cup of coffee!
  3. Reduce the Risk of Serious Illnesses:
    According to Cancer Research UK, a balanced, plant-based diet filled with fresh fruits and veggies can help lower the risk for many types of cancers. It is also shown that including fruit and vegetables regularly in your diet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes or other chronic illnesses.

Stock Your Office Breakroom with Fresh Food from Guernsey!

Skip the trip to the store, and order Fresh (and Frozen) food with your Guernsey supplies orders! From milk & yogurt to apples to fresh bagels, we have you covered without having to get into your car and go shopping.

  • Convenient: Skip the trip to the store – order online!
  • Fast: Delivered in 1-4 business days
  • Simple: Order along with all your other workplace essentials

Stock Up on Staple Snacks for Your Breakroom

Here are a few items we can deliver straight to your office for you to enjoy:


Sabra Grab and Go Guacamole
SKU: GRR90200453


Fresh Fuji Apples
SKU: GRR90000040


Horizon Organic 2% Milk
SKU: GRR90200055


Bolthouse Strawberry Banana 100% Fruit Smoothie
SKU: GRR90200458

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Jake Mages
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