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Back-to-school is just around the corner and parents, students and teachers are gearing up for a new way of education. With COVID-19 creating restrictions to “normal” life, the usual learning tools for faculty members and students won’t be fully available at home. To start off the year right, the home classroom setting must consider many factors. Noise levels, work production, study tools, connectivity, and health wellness will all be necessary for success. Let’s explore all the essentials for a productive and cost-effective home classroom setup.

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Fundamental Home School Supplies

1. The Basics

When you think school supplies, there’s a list of common items that everyone needs. Stock up on the essentials as these will for sure get lots of love. Pens, papers, pencils, sticky notes, calculators, composition notebooks, erasers, scissors, rulers– the list goes on. With frequent use of these products, you might want to start stocking up now for the upcoming school year.

2. Get Connected

Audio/visual technology is crucial in a virtual classroom setting. Not having access to certain tools may hinder a productive lesson. To achieve successful learning experience, it’s important to have reliable internet connection and audio and visual technology like microphones and webcam to recreate a normal classroom environment where students and teachers can interact face to face. Let us know what your technology needs are, and we’ll work with you to find a solution!

3. Course Specific

We know all courses require different resources and supplies and we won’t let COVID-19 stop students from learning. We’ve got whiteboards for teachers to demonstrate math equations to crayons and paint for students to express their inner Picasso. Bring your course supply list to us! We will go down the list together and get you the products you need.


We know these changes are creating new challenges for students and teachers, and we’re all in this together. (High School Musical anyone?) Guernsey is prepared to support you with all your unique distance learning resources and help students continue to learn and succeed. We have opened up the comments section below and would love for you to join in on the conversation! Whether you’re a student, teacher or parent we’d love to hear your thoughts and insights on education during these pandemic times. Start the discussion in the comment section below and make sure to share this blog post with your fellow colleagues!


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