The Best Liquid Ice Melt: A New Product to Keep Your Facility Safe

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I think we can all agree that Fall is a top four season. Fall has many things going for it like the perfect weather for outdoor activities, pumpkin spiced everything, football, changing leaves, oh, and of course ice melt. Some of you reading this blog might think that ice melt is more of a winter thing, but any facilities professional knows that fall is when the pre-season ice melt orders start in preparation for those pesky winter weather events.

Ice melt ordering is traditionally a boring process of recalling the version of granulated, chloride-based product you used last year then reaching out to your favorite vendor, cough cough Guernsey cough, to place your order.  This year…everything has changed!


Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

For the first time Guernsey is bringing our customers a green seal certified liquid ice melter called Entry. Entry has many benefits compared to traditional granulated ice melts:

  • Environmentally friendly – Green Seal Certified!
  • Doesn’t track white salt marks inside – Save up to $50 per entrance for every winter event on cleaning costs
  • Fast acting – Starts working instantly
  • Safe on vegetation – Won’t kill plants or grass near walkways
  • Safe for animals – Won’t damage paws and less toxic than granular ice melt
  • Does not add salt to the water table – Safer for your local community
  • Less storage space required than granulated products – Entry takes up less than half the space of granular ice melt

Entry ice melt shines as it gets colder outside and is best used on the entryways and sidewalks closest to buildings. It also outperforms granulated ice melts on ice and snow up to ¼” thick.

Products like Entry are effective additions to an environmentally friendly approach to keeping a facility safe and clean. Guernsey has a full line of facility management solutions that we can tailor to meet the needs of your property. Entry Ice Melt is available in many different sizes for all building sizes. Also, don’t forget to purchase a sprayer for easy application!

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Jake Mages
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