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February 4, 2019
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February 19, 2019
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Valentine's Day Coffee

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Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to eat a few more sweets, recite cheesy love lines and buy a bouquet of roses to give to a special someone in our lives. You may ask, “But don’t you just sell office supplies? What do office supplies have to do with love? Do you guys love too?” Hey c’mon now. Here at Guernsey, we’re not obsessed over finding the perfectly shaped paper clip or formulating the most delicious office coffee recipe. Our main goal is to create a warm and long-lasting relationship with you, the customer (Someone hit the “Aww” button).

Yes, we do have hearts. And no, we’re not robots only trying to sell office products and push our services (note how we didn’t hyperlink those). To prove it to you, I got the chance to survey our team on their thoughts about love. Here are the results:


Guernsey Valentine's Day Infographic


See I told you we’re not a bunch of office nerds, we have feelings too! All jokes aside, we would love to start a long-lasting loving relationship with you. Don’t be shy about it, we’re eager to get to know you. Give us a call, shoot us a message or whatever works for you. We’ll make sure to reply. This Valentine’s Day show your appreciation to those you love.


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