Office Spring Cleaning: Tips to Get it Over With

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April 9, 2018
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Get Those Janitorial Supplies Out: It’s Spring Cleaning Time!


Spring is in the air (quite literally with that dreaded pollen if you suffer with allergies like I do) and it’s time once again for spring cleaning! Before you roll up the sleeves and don the giant yellow rubber gloves, let’s brush up on some best practices to maximize your cleaning potential.


Clean from top to bottom.


Start at the highest point in the room and bring soils downward for easy removal. It doesn’t make sense to clean a table under a ceiling fan and then knock all that fan dust all over the table so you can clean it again. It is important to clean in high, hard to reach places to improve indoor air quality and remove allergens.


Clean dry to wet.


Begin by dusting and dust mopping before using chemicals and sprays. Remove debris to avoid streaks when you apply chemicals. Microfiber is an excellent material for dusting and dust mopping, because it locks in dust and holds on to it, effectively removing it from surfaces.

Cleaning Tip: Clean Dry to Wet


Clean back to front.


Clean from the furthest point back to the entrance of the room allowing yourself to escape without dirtying up the room you just finished cleaning. This is especially important if you are mopping in socks, wet socks are the worst.

Always use the proper equipment and chemicals for the cleaning task at hand.


A vacuum cannot clean a toilet and mops are terrible on carpet. Selecting the right tools for the job will save time and energy. On the chemical side of things, there are two things to consider. First, the right chemical for an application will save time by cleaning the area effectively the first time. Second, and more importantly, using the right chemicals at the right dilution will be safer for both you and the environment. For example, mixing bleach (commonly used in bathrooms) with Ammonia (found in many common glass/mirror cleaners) creates a deadly chlorine gas commonly known as Mustard gas. (Yikes.)

Remember to properly clean and store your equipment after you’re done.


Extend the life of your cleaning equipment by making sure it is cleaned and properly stored after use. Avoid cross-contamination by always properly cleaning your microfiber cloths, mops and other cleaning tools after each use. Start with a clean or new cloth or mop each time you begin cleaning. Help future you be prepared for the next round of chores with a little bit of clean up today.

By applying these best practices, you can reduce the amount of time and energy expending in your spring cleaning chores and get back to enjoying the wonderful spring weather! (Or wonderful spring TV lineup.)

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