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Ethan Jeon

Vendor Marketing Coordinator

April 1st, 2019



Guernsey Inc. launches its newest subsidiaryGuernsey Travels!

Dulles, Virginia ­– Today, Guernsey Inc. is proud to unveil Guernsey Travels, a new experience of transit for both personal and business needs. Whether it would serve as a vacation getaway or an executive retreat, the goal is to maintain the balance between work and play for all. Key travel destinations feature: Hawaii, France, Brazil and more. Guernsey’s goal is to support all aspects of the workplace and strongly believe Guernsey Travels is a right step to invest in the future of this industry.

Two years ago, Guernsey expanded its offerings with Interiors by Guernsey in order to service needs in design and space planning. Since then, Guernsey has been providing high-quality services and commodities in workplaces from the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. In partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper, Guernsey Travels came to life with a single formula that begins from the K-cup® pods.

Beginning in April, customers can purchase their choice of select Keurig Dr Pepper K-cup® pod flavors and simply brew their beverage per usual. In addition, follow the steps listed below to complete the full process. This formula has not yet been approved by the FDA, USDA, DEA, Fair Trade and OSHA. We’re working on it.

For more information, please visit the following link: Guernsey Travels


Wait, what? Travel Around the World?

If you didn’t catch by the title, you can now travel around the world just by brewing your selection of K-cup® pods. Guernsey has teamed up Keurig Dr Pepper to teleport you to key travel destinations of your choice. Too good to be true? Read on!


Vacation Facts

According to, vacations aren’t bad as they are perceived. Taking a break from work have us worried about job security and financials. However, the benefits outweigh the worries. The biggest factor? Less stress. Anxiety is decreased while mental and physical health is increased, not only for yourself but also for those you love. A detour from looking at the computer screen all day and more vitamin D from the sun! We all need a break, don’t you think? We here at Guernsey do and have tips on how to have an unforgettable vacation.


How Does It Work? 3 Easy Steps

1. Select the destination (K-cup® pod) of your choice.

How about Hawaii, where every day is a warm paradise filled with adventure? Explore the sea shore and see why everything is better under the sea. (Cue the music!) If you rather go somewhere less wet, how about France? A place filled with iconic landmarks and dramatic landscapes. Enjoy exquisite fine dining, all while in awe of the romantic aroma around you. Oh, and don’t forget the sharp pointy tower!


2. After the choice is made, brew your flavor of choice per usual. Then, sit down with your phone in hand, go into your phone settings, and set it to airplane mode.


3. Now, make sure to follow these steps closely:

  • Make sure your phone is in airplane mode and set it aside.
  • Take a sip of your drink, close your eyes and then whistle. (If you can’t whistle your trip ends here.)
  • Finally, open your eyes and you will be teleported to the destination of your choice. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself!

So, did you try it? Wasn’t it magical? I personally chose to go to Italy and now my life is a lie. My definition of pizza has been re-written by the pie professionals. I will never be satisfied from pizza from anywhere else. Exploring the amazing Colosseum was an extra plus!

Oh and by the way it’s April 1st and you know what that means…




If the weird instructions seem a bit fishy, we got you good. Whether you knew all along to not trust anyone near the end of March or fell for the prank, we’ve got great brews (news). Everything from your favorite teas to coffee, provided by Keurig Dr. Pepper. Flavors so rich and tasteful, it’ll have you feeling like you’re in a different world! And the prices make it that much better. See for yourself and check out our shop site!

In light of this special day, let’s keep the prank train going. Share it with friends and family! We’re all in for having a little fun at the workplace.


Travel A Latte!


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Ethan is an avid follower of sports and music, appreciates the small things in life, and believes pizza is always the answer. With his background in advertising, his passion for marketing and design stay true to him everyday. Pass him a shovel, because he can dig it.

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