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Adjusting to the “new normal” has been quite the experience. As experts and the public question when things will return to normal, Guernsey moves forward with healthy and safety prioritized. During these unprecedented times, all facets of the company have been working in unison to follow set guidelines and health protocols. Today, I’m here to highlight a group of employees that work closely with you on the daily and they are the customer service team.

Customer service during the challenging COVID-19 era has been crucial in resolving frequent customer issues and getting products to workplaces, when they need it. Relaying key updates and information while simultaneously helping customers has been the goal for the Guernsey customer service squad throughout the past 50 years. Whether you contact via live chat, e-mail or phone, our team is on standby to support all your needs. No need to wait long minutes and even hours to speak with a representative.

For this blog post I got the privilege to chat to one our customer service reps, Barb amidst her busy schedule. The conversation was done in one our special virtual meeting rooms. Here’s what she had to share:

Q&A Session:

1. What does a customer service representative do? Don’t use Google!

B: As a Customer Service Representative, I am the face of Guernsey in some way. Having a friendly relationship with customers and helping them with orders, returns, and online question. That’s my job and I really enjoy it.

2. How has COVID-19 affected call numbers?

B: Before COVID-19 I was working exclusively with my team, but now I get more insight with working the sales department also. My days have been going really fast as call numbers have gone up quite a bit… as in a lot!

3. How are customers reacting to these times?

B: I find that customers are very patient, more so. We are all struggling through this and optimistic that all of this will come to an end. I’m always here to be an assistance.

4. What is your role in getting customer’s what they need?

B: My role in getting products to customers is particularly important. By scanning vendors websites every day to see if new COVID related products come in. Having a great relationship with our warehouse staff to make sure items go out the next business day, tracking orders, etc.

5. Common questions that you’ve been getting recently?

B: “Any idea when the Lysol spray will be in?” and before COVID it was, “Can I get this today?”

6. Any interesting stories you’d like share while on the job?

B: I work with Chuck Schwam, I have my very own Michael Gary Scott. I shake my head every day.

Take time today to show your appreciation to customer service representatives that you work with or know of. Let’s give a big virtual round of applause to all the CSRs out there. Hope this interview helped get a better scope of the type of work they do. A BIG thank you Barb for taking time out of your day to converse, it was a blast.

The main goal is making sure the end-user is satisfied with the correct supplies that they need in order to have a productive and safe workplace. Here at Guernsey, we cherish every one of our customer relationships, they are basically family to us. We will be the one-stop source for all workplace needs so that you don’t have to juggle between multiple suppliers, right by your side every step of the way.

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