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October 8, 2018
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Our Shredding Truth About Proposal Season

It’s proposal season. (No, not the wedding type.) It’s government proposal season! Proposals can range anywhere from ten to hundreds of pages. With all this lengthy confidential government information, how do you preserve security? We’ve got the answer: shredders.

Contractors, you know how proposals lay out your offering from soup to nuts, strategy to final price, and what trouble it can cause in the wrong hands. (AKA the competition.) Literally, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s where shredders come into the picture, or should I say shred the picture. (Get it?) Disposing of classified documents is easier and more efficient with shredders. The proposal now becomes confetti at your next office party. It is nearly impossible to recreate the document as it once was before.

What sets government approved shredders apart from regular shredders? They are TAA compliant shredders. TAA stands for Trade Agreement Act or simply put, products manufactured in America or acquired by the government from designated countries. These shredders are significantly quieter during operation, have larger bin capacities, and the only jam you’ll be having is on your toast. Not just paper, it can shred that attached staple, credit cards, and CDs. No need for off-site shredding services to handle your sensitive materials or cost you extra money, keep things internal. Saving time and money – sounds like music to anyone’s ears.

Shred all of it! You can never be too safe with all the buzz about security these days. Mindlessly throwing away that unwanted document and the next thing you know critical government information—or your trade secrets—spread like wildfire, and nobody wants that. Shredders come in all different sizes and security options. Whether you want your document strip-cut, cross-cut, or micro-cut, Guernsey Inc. can provide you with the toughest shredders you’ve been looking for.


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