Toner vs. Ink: Why toner is the Better Option

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Breaking the Ink vs. Toner mystery once and for all.

When deciding between ink or toner printers, you’re most likely deciding between an inkjet printer or a LaserJet printer. Are you unsure of the differences? Well, let us help you and let you know why investing in a LaserJet printer might be your best bet. First off, we have to debunk what the differences are between ink and toner. Ink comes in liquid form and is used in inkjet printers. Toner comes in powder form and is used in LaserJet printers.

To put it simply, toners are made out of very fine powder made out of organic compounds like carbon, polyester, and a lot of other things that we can’t pronounce. (At least we’re honest!) The ink in inkjet printers sprays directly onto the page which does not produce the most defined images and oddly, takes longer to print. However, LaserJet printers use a high-speed laser technology to define where the toner should go and then the powder will melt through the heat inside to transfer onto the paper in seconds. Pretty neat, right?


So which one is the right one for me?

Let’s say you want to print a 50-page annual report for your boss. It’s filled with numbers, charts and graphs, and she needs it in the next half hour. LaserJet printers not only produce clearer and more defined images, they also print faster than inkjet printers. This is why LaserJet printers are ideal for offices and inkjet printers are ideal for your home. Sure, toner refills are a bit pricier, but when the Chairman of the Board is arriving in 30 minutes and your boss just tweaked her report, it’s worth it.

We hope all that made sense. If it didn’t, check out this cool informational video of how HP makes the best toner for you!

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