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January 16, 2023
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High Quality Promotions for High Quality Businesses 

At Guernsey we believe there is no better way to show pride in your business than with our extensive line of high quality promotional products. By fixing your business name, logo, motto, or colors to the right product, we can simultaneously build brand awareness and loyalty among customers while raising employee morale. All without breaking the bank! Sound too good to be true?  

 Let’s take a look at the numbers.  

  • 59% of employees report improved view of company after receiving one promo product 
  • 53% of owners use their promotional product weekly 
  • 85% of customers remember the company who gave them the product 
  • 91% of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchen 

But there’s one number that stands above the rest. A whopping 72% of people equate the quality of a promotional product with the quality of the brand it promotes. That’s why at Guernsey, when it comes to high quality products that are thoughtfully selected, we give 100%. 


Branded clothing is easily the most effective promotional product for your business. It maximizes your advertising dollars with high quality clothing that doubles as a walking billboard. Create a professional uniform for employees at work, or a fun souvenir for customers. Employees and customers alike will be promoting your business every time they wear clothing like:

Headwear – Style & Safety 

At Guernsey we understand style and safety and want you to have both. That’s why alongside our stylish headwear like the Front Runner Adjustable Cap or Pro Rib Knit Cap with Cuff, we have ANSI Certified Hard Hat and other products to keep your business safe and ANSI/OSHA compliant. 


Who doesn’t love an award? Whether you’re motivating employees, students, or athletes, we have something for every high achiever, from the Jade Diamond Desktop Award for execs down to customizable medals for young speedsters and weekend warriors. A floating glass plaque recognizes excellence, while stackable acrylic awards celebrate every anniversary. 

Bags and Luggage

Bags, packs, totes, and other pieces of luggage, similar to apparel, provide style and functionality to the user while advertising your company anytime they step outside. That’s why at Guernsey we only select high quality products to promote your business, so that even in a stranger’s hands your name is safe. 

Cups, Glasses, Tumblers, and Mugs 

While promotional cups are de rigueur in the restaurant industry, they can bolster your brand whatever your business. Outdoors, indoors, on the move, at work, at the party, whether you need a pick-me-up or its time to unwind, drinkware is an excellent promotional product with dozens of applications.  

Fun & Games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so create a sense of play with games, toys, and accessories designed to promote a sense of health and wellbeing. Friendly office competition, weekend tourneys, trips to the dog park, energy, creativity, & FUN are here for the taking. 

Show Some Team Spirit! 

Cheering on your favorite student-athletes? Organizing the office 5k? Prepping for a night at the ballpark? Guernsey has everything you need to show team spirit on the field and off. 

Office Supplies – Always Simple, Never boring 

Strengthening your brand starts inside your business’s walls. Functionality is always important when considering promotional products intended for employees. Finishing touches like lanyards and custom high gloss folders reinforce your name and values without bombarding your employees. Welcome new employees with a branded Power Disc 5W Wireless Charger so they are always energized! 

Cutting Edge Technology

We all know that one person who just loves getting new tech. Phone covers, pop sockets, charging stands, flash drives, whether it’s the hottest gadgets or the newest styles, the techies in your world will be begging for more! 

Writing Implements & Journals 

Writing tools are an excellent promotional product because of their ubiquity across industries. Carpenter Pencils featuring your business are useful tools to some and fun novelties to others. A Zenith Hardcover Journal is an opportunity for mindfulness at home or productivity at work. And a Laser Engraved Metal Pen with Stylus lets users jump back and forth between the analog and digital worlds. 

Food & Beverage Gifts 

For all the connoisseurs, gourmands, and foodies out there we create promotional products that heighten the experience of food and drink. No matter where your culinary experience takes place, it will be a memorable moment with items like:   

 Don’t see the perfect promo product? We have thousands of options 

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