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January 14, 2019
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What do each and every one of us have in common with the great business people of our generation?  What commonality do we share with Bill Gates and Elon Musk?  How could we possibly compare with Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos?  The answer is simple; TIME. All of us have the same amount of hours in the day.

What separates these Goliaths of business from you and me is not that they have extra time on their hands to complete tasks, but the fact that they prioritize their to-do lists so efficiently that it only seems like they are more productive than the rest of us.


Time: Our Least Renewable Resource

Despite what our favorite sci-fi movies lead us to believe, it is impossible for us to create new time, extend time or alter the past.  All we can do is utilize the finite amount of time we have in the best and most efficient ways possible.

Think for a second (and just a SECOND because this post is not about wasting time!) about your normal week.  Is there 10 minutes worth of frivolous tasks that you could eliminate and replace with more productive ones?  Don’t think 10 minutes a week is a significant amount of time?  Well, over the course of a 30 year professional career, 10 minutes a week adds up to almost 11 DAYS of wasted time that is gone forever.


Time Management & Productivity

So where are the areas that we can steal back precious time and increase our productivity without losing our mind?  (Side note: Those “mental health breaks” you are taking actually do INCREASE your productivity in the long run).

  • Clean Up & Organize Your Workspace: A clean and organized workspace will eliminate wasted time looking for important things.
  • Create a Daily To-Do List: Understanding which tasks are important and what to do next after completion of a task will eliminate wasted time deciding on what needs to be done next.
  • Stay on Task: Many distractions come up during the workday. Your boss throws a project on your desk, a co-worker needs a question answered or one hundred emails suddenly hit your inbox at once. By focusing on the task at hand and completing it at that moment will help you stay focused and allow that task to be completed in a more timely and accurate manner.


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Jake Mages
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